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Our services are designed for companies to accelerate in competitive markets. 

Who we are

RightCard Payment Services is set-up by business experts, our business concept is to utilize all resources and experience in order to provide the best payment solutions for entrepreneurs looking to optimize business revenues, customer retention and margins.

Why work with us

65 Years of Combined Experience

Our Founders and directors have a combined total of 65 years experience in payment services, transaction services and card issuing.

Tailor-Made Card Payment Solutions

We work very close to our clients in order to design services that are tailored to their customer profile and goals.

Fully Compliant

Our Team makes sure all compliance procedures are up-to-date with the latest requirements.

The Advantages for your Business


Brand Awareness

Your own-branded card will take your business to another level by aligning with the worldwide known Visa credit card.

Customer Loyalty

Promote stronger relationships with your customers by being able to offer rewards and advantages of loyalty clubs.

Profitable Revenue

There is an opportunity to generate a profitable revenue stream through transaction fees and services.

Customer Acquisition

Prepaid Card will make your business more atractive in alternative markets by empowering customers to have eletronic means of spending without the need of a bank account.

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is a valuable tool in developing differentiated products and services, adapt your strategies based on the profiles and consumption patterns of customers.

Customer Retention

Prepaid Card will help your business to retain customers through brand loyalty initiatives. You will have the information in your hands to tweek your strategies.

Our Partner

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