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14th of October 2019

Rightcard Payment Services Ltd. granted Visa Principal Issuing Member Status

London – Rightcard Payment Services Ltd., (Rightcard) has been granted Principal Issuing Member status by Visa. Rightcard is a payment specialist that hosts e-money accounts and issues (virtual) Cards. Rightcard is an EU-certified financial institute with an e-money license issued by the British regulatory body FCA, based in London, UK.


Rightcard was founded in 2014 to provide more efficient and better solutions for the payment services compared to the big banks. As a Principal Issuing Member of Visa, Rightcard will have access to Visa’s range of digital products, services and APIs to enhance its offering. Rightcard can now also issue Visa products. With the flexibility of the technology behind Rightcard the expectation is that Rightcard will also be the perfect partner for (enabling) new fintech initiatives.


“we are very pleased to be granted Principal Issuing Member Status of  Visa” Mauricio Barbosa, CEO of Rightcard said, ”the fact that Visa has created a superb global acceptance network will be key for our success and that of our clients”.



About Rightcard Payment Service Ltd


Rightcard was founded in 2016 by Mauricio Barbosa, Rogerio de Sousa and Vyash Baidjnath Misier, all experts in the financial industry, as an opportunity to offer new innovative products to their existing clients.


After Johan Vaatstra came on board as CCO, the focused changed towards third party clients who would be able, with the services of Rightcard, to offer their customers new products and services. The (potential) clients can be found in the B2B sector (expense management, mobility, insurance and many others) as well as in B2C (General spend with budgeting, Ticketing, Digital Wallets, Insurance and many more).





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